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My wife has a laundry question. She has a comforter that says ';wash in commercial front load washers';.

The comforter is made of a ';down alternative';. Is it acceptable to wash this at home? Will it harm the comforter at all?My wife has a laundry question. She has a comforter that says ';wash in commercial front load washers';.
Definitely make a trip to the laundromat. Unless it is a twin comforter, I would not wash it in a front load home washer (those would be fine). The front load huge capacity washers at the laundromat are going to handle it much better, it needs room to move around so that it gets washed well throughout. Additionally, the washers there are considered ';extractors'; and will spin at a much higher speed, making drying much easier. The dryers there are much larger as well, although I do recommend taking it out mid-cycle and rearranging it so that it doesn't stay in the same spot and keep wet spots. Good luck!My wife has a laundry question. She has a comforter that says ';wash in commercial front load washers';.
If you have a large capacity washer it should be fine to do it at home if not just take it to the laundry mat and wash it there. Dont forget to follow all the insturctions on the lable.
using a common household clothes washer won't be good for your comforter. the agitator in the center of the machine is the problem. spend a couple bucks and take it to a place where they have commercial washers. you'll be happy with the results
If you have a top loading washer, it will rip the blanket to shreds after having balled the insides up. You are supposed to use the extra large front load washer at the laundromat because it won't rip up your blanket or break the drum loose inside your home front loader that is not made for things so big.
commercial machines have a larger capacity than domestic ones, thats why it says that

squashing it in may not be a good idea, but take it to a laundrette and wash it there and bring it home to dry it
I have a top load washer and I wash my comforters in it. It's a fairly large capacity washer. Just don't wash anything else with it and wash it on the gentle cycle.
yes absulety you can use ,well comforter is use to soften your clothes and amell nice only when u use detergent u have to worry much
it won't hurt the comforter, but your washing machine is a different issue. They say a commercial washer because it has a larger capacity
You need a machine with a large capacity tub.

Could wash it at home but it would be very hard on your washer.For the little it costs,I'd go to the laundromat and be safe.
it is probably too large to wash adequately in a residential washer and well worth the money to have it cleaned professionally.
Front load washers tumble items. Top loaders twist and pull items.

Comforters can be too large to wash in a home machine. This doesn't mean that you have to pay for someone else to wash the item. Commercial front loaders can be found at laundromats and are around $3 per load. The fill in the comforter is less likely to shift in a front loader, plus commercial dryers are huge, and will allow a large item to tumble properly.

Dry on low/delicate setting. Wash warm/cold.
I had one like that. At first I would take it to the cleaners but had to wait a week to get it back. I started washing it in my washer, I have a large size washer but that was not good.

It started getting lumpy.

If I were you, I would take it to the cleaners....especially if you really like the comforter.
The reason it says to do that is because the comforter is too much for a regular washer to handle. It will make the comforter ball up on the inside of the material and make it look lumpy. If you have a front loading washer (one without an agitator) it will be okay for you to wash it at home.
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